Tuesday, May 1, 2018

March Reviews from St Kilda

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, Review by Freya

This is the last book in the Hunger Games series. It's about this girl called Katniss, her sister Prim and her best friend Gale. They're in District 13 and all the other districts are at war with the Capitol. Peta, this guy she loves, is in the Capitol too. Katniss and her friends rescue him, but he is getting really weird and acting strangely towards her.

Rated: 4/5 Reallys "Katniss is my favourite character."

I like this book, it's set under the sea. At first they are on a boat trying to hunt a monster but it's actually a submarine.
They do about a billion things. At first they catch and eat a lot of fish as there are no hot dog stands in the ocean. 

Rated: 4/5 Reallys "It's a good book"

This is the second book in the All the Wrong Questions series. There's a missing girl in Stain'd by the Sea and they're asking everyone questions about her disappearance. So far they have two places where she said be. They discover that there is a fake version of her because she is being targeted. The real version is working on an invisible ink that actually works. There are three criminals, Hangfire, a natural villain, a scientist called Dr. Flammarion and a nurse called Nurse Dander, a skilled knife cutter.

Rated: 4/5 Reallys "The introduction and the middle are a bit boring but it gets really interesting later on"

Alex Rider: Never Say Die by Anthony Horowitz, Review by Yuanquan

It's about this 15 year old kid called Alex Rider. He's a spy for MI6. His dad was a spy who helped infiltrate Scorpia. His uncle was a spy who got murdered like his dad. His housekeeper, Jack also got "murdered." He gets a message from her that says Alexx I'm AL. For some reason he decides this is proof that she is still alive and he travels across the world to Cairo, Egypt to infiltrate the prison where her car was flooded. He finds a name underneath it, but then he gets captured by the Egyptian intelligence force. He rides a super plane down to Saint-Tropez. Then he gets thrown into the water and almost drowns. He tries to stop a museum heist but it was a Scorpia plot. Then they steal a whole bunch of children that are worth billions of dollars. The parents only have 48 hours to come up with the money before they lose them for good... 

Rated: 4.5/5 Reallys. "Great plot."

The Queen gets bored seeing all the same faces at her parties. The butler says how about you pick a name from the telephone book to invite next time. She gets to the Ts and picks Old Tom's owner! Five months later, Old Tom goes to collect the mail he finds an invitation for two for afternoon tea.

Rated: 4/5 Reallys "It's funny"

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

February Reviews from Albert Park Library

Tiny Timmy: Soccer Superstar! : Tiny Timmy - Tim CahillTiny Timmy: Soccer Superstar by Tim Cahill, Illustrated by Heath McKenzie. Review by Flynn.

Tiny Timmy is a soccer player who plays for Australia. He also plays for the Lions and injures his leg during a game. He has to do exercises so he can get back and play.

5/5 - It's quite exciting how he plays and scores a goal early on. He also breaks his toe and then his team loses (3 - 1).

The Maddie Diaries : A MemoirThe Maddie Diaries: A Memoir by Maddie Ziegler. Review by Georgia.

Maddie Ziegler is 16 years old and a dancer. She dances for Sia. It's a diary of her life and tips. Each chapter has a different subject, for example there are chapters on friends, make up and dancing. Also at the end of each one there are letters from her sister or producer.

4.35/5 - I think it's good to know about her but it could be a bit more intriguing.

Danny the Champion of the WorldDanny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl, Illustrated by Quentin Blake. Review by Cole.

This book is about a kid (Danny) and his dad and they are both engineers. Danny's dad likes to poach pheasants from a rich neighbour named Victor Hazell. The day before Victor has a huge hunting party (with Dukes, Barons and important business people) Danny and his father steal 120 pheasants. They hide them and give them sleeping pills. When the pheasants wake up they poop all over Mr Victor Hazel's car which is a Rolls Royce.

1,000,000,000/5 - because it's soooooooo good!

The Bad BookThe Bad Book by Andy Griffiths, Illustrated by Terry Denton. Review by Holly.

This book is about bad stuff. One rhyme is about a bad man that starts swearing at another man and then they end up hitting each other with tennis racquets and the world explodes. Another one is about dead koalas. There are lots of bad poems.

5/5 - Very funny and I can also make people laugh when they hear it.

Cover - Link opens in a new window
The Very Bad Book by Andy Griffiths, Illustrated by Terry Denton. Review by Lily.

This is exactly the same but one level up in naughtiness. (Lightning Readers were treated to a few of the rhymes and short stories in the book - they were very naughty indeed! The one about the guinea pig is very funny)

5/5 - because the stories are very nasty!

Ouch and Other Stories by Roderick Hunt. Review by Gabriel.

This book has three stories in it. There is one about a dog who steals someone's teddy and rips it up. When he wakes up the teddy is fixed. Another story is about a dog who has a dream. A grandma and grandchildren and the dog go monster hunting and end up seeing a 'monster'.

10/5 - there's a 'spot-the difference' puzzle before every story.

A Long Way HomeLion: a Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley. Review by Quincy.

This is a true story about a boy born in India, his family is very poor and have to steal to survive. One day when he is about 5 or 6 he becomes lost. He is found and put into an adoption centre. He is adopted by an Australian family from Hobart.
When he grows up he goes back to India to try and find his family. He does find them in the end.
My mum passed this book onto me because she thought I might enjoy it as I saw the movie as well.

5/5 - It's kind of sad but has lots of adventures as well.

Boy Overboard

Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. Review by Hannah.

Jamal and Bibi have a dream to lead the Australian soccer team. First they have to leave Afghanistan and go through all the hurdles to get to Australia. They have to disguise themselves to get out. Theit mother is a teacher and their father is a taxi driver. By the end they reach Australia.

4.5/5 - I liked it - there were different problems to overcome.

The Lion and the Mouse and Other Aesop's Fables
The Lion and Mouse (Aesop's Fables). Reviewed by Daisy.

The lion finds a mouse and thinks he wants to eat it. The mouse tells the lion not to eat him and he will repay him. The lion laughs and let's him go. One day the lion is caught and tied up. The mouse saves him by chewing through the rope.

3/5 - It wasn't that funny and could be a bit longer.